Community and Us

CIAM is paying attention to corporate social responsibility when considering our our daily investment project(s) and also concern about its related impact to the environment, social and contribution to the sustainable development. Furthermore, the company also organize various corporate and charitable activities which embody our corporate social responsibility. We encourage employees and even their family to participate altogether, help the needy people, and encourage the spirit of "Caring”.

Corporate activities


Internship program – Company offer internship opportunities to undergraduates for a period of 1-3months. It is to offer the graduate(s) an opportunity to understand and participate the investing environment and mutually share the various exposure and experiences among the intern(s) and employees.
Breastfeeding workspace – caring the needs of the mother breastfeeding the newborn, our company set up a breast-feeding room and equip with separate refrigerator, sofa, foot-rest to provide a comfortable environment for the mother.
Office leisure space – We equip with massage chair, video game consoles, pantry, TV and book corners to our employee. This is to provide a relaxing and socializing spaces for our employees in between their tight and busy schedule.

Sponsored Organization

Green BabyCITIC YBN Kuai Le Primary School
The “CITIC YBN Kuai Le Primary School”is inscribed by Mr. Chang Zhenming, Chairman of the CITIC Group. The school is located in Lichuan city in Enshi which CIAM and CITIC YBN worked together with the local education department to sponsor the school’s relocation and expansion projects and also provide necessary education materials and caring to their needs.
Guru Banma Charity Foundation
Founder of the Foundation set up Ma Tibetan charity school in Qinghai province for the orphans. It is provide accommodation, food and education to Tibetan orphans and poor children of single parents. Apart from Inheritance and development of Tibetan culture and art at the same time, it is to raise the kids’ social viability and competitiveness. Furthermore, our finance colleagues personally went to Qinghai for local charity schools and institutions and shared their professional knowledge in accounting and provide guidance.

Green Baby

Green Baby

Green baby is a social enterprises which combine with environmental, social enterprises and social services support for the young mother. Company sponsored the young mother to organize a charity center to resell the collected and recycled baby supplies and to provide vocational training. After two years of operations, with the effort of the young mothers and the sponsorship, the center successfully reached the target and breakeven. Most importantly we are happy to help to rebuild the self-confidence and working capability of the young mother and reignite their hope in life.

St James Settlement People's Food Bank

St James Settlement People's Food Bank
People's Food Bank is to provide free food to the needy persons. The center provides food to the street sleepers and food assistance to the poor with the emergency needs in order to solve their hunger issue. Through this action, to achieve their mission "To cherish food and it is more blessed to give than to receive".